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2017 FABA Conference
October 4-7, 2017

Hilton Daytona Beach Resort
Daytona Beach, Florida

Welcome to the 2017 Call for Papers!

Submission Deadline:  Monday, June 5th   11:59 PM EST

Technical Guidelines
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Submission Guidelines
  • All members—both established and new—will need to create a new account.
  • Prior to beginning the submission process, please have all of the information available (and saved to your personal computer in a Word or Pages document—for easy reference should you need it).
  • You will need:
    • Name of each presenter
    • Affiliation for each presenter
    • Abstract for your presentation
    • Learning objectives—depending on the type or presentation you are submitting
    • Headshots for each presenter (Speaking authors)
  • Use an email that is frequently checked as the primary contact address.
  • After creating an account and logging in, click to submit a presentation by type and follow the on screen directions.
  • See specific additional guidelines for Symposia Chairs below
  • After completing the required fields, designate who will receive correspondence for each submission.
  • Click Submit or save to continue later.
  • Note the Call for Presentation closing date and time.

Types of Presentations:
  • WORKSHOPS are 3-hrs in length. Workshops are scheduled at the beginning or end  of the annual conference on either Wednesday or Saturday (Saturday workshops run concurrently with selected sessions). Regardless of scheduled date, all workshops must be eligible for approval as a BCBA/BCaBA continuing education event. They should be designed to teach new skills that may be used by the participants. The format of the workshop MUST involve extensive audience participation, use of handouts, opportunities for participants to practice the skills, and/or the use of guided notes. Note that a workshop is not a sales or marketing event and any commercial advertising efforts are prohibited. Any extra fees must be justified. Not all workshop submissions may be selected for the annual conference.
Note: The primary presenter must be a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and the content must be Behavior Analytic (cf., Baer, Wolf & Risley, 1968).] Workshop presenters who have not previously presented at FABA may be asked to submit a brief video sample of a recent presentation.
  • PAPERS are oral presentations that may be grouped by subject matter into PAPER SESSIONS. In the event that two or more papers are grouped to create a paper session, a Chairperson, often one of the presenters, is assigned to introduce speakers and maintain the allotted time of presentations. There is not a Discussant.
  • SYMPOSIA consist of several speakers addressing a very similar topic. A SYMPOSIUM is organized by the Chair of the session who is typically not a presenter of one of the papers. This differs from a paper session in that it features a Discussant—a person who is prominent in the field. The discussant is also not one of the presenters. Questions from the audience are addressed at the end of the Symposium.

The symposium’s chair will submit the overall information for the content topic and the contact information for each individual paper presenter.  Individual paper presenters will receive an invitation to complete their individual sections through the use of an access code.  Once all areas of the individual presentations are completed, the symposium will then be designated for peer review and acceptance.

  • PANEL DISCUSSIONS bring together several individuals with similar expertise in a subject matter to discuss topics of concern or interest among themselves and with audience members. The organizer of a PANEL either acts as the Chair or selects a Chairperson responsible for introducing topics and speakers. The PANEL would be an appropriate submission for meetings of affiliated chapters or special interest groups.
  • POSTERS are visual presentations of primarily data based information in an attractive, easily understood format. The advantage of a poster is that it provides face-to-face interaction with the author(s). Posters should fit a 4' x 4' area. A bulletin board for display and pushpins will be provided. POSTERS are combined thematically into POSTER SESSIONS, which remain in place for a minimum of 3-hrs. The presenters are asked to be present for the first hour to answer any questions or to more fully describe their work. Poster presentations offer a great opportunity to share their research, receive feedback on ideas, and network with others.  Annual Ribbon Awards are bestowed. Posters are not eligible for continuing education credits.
  • FILMS are submitted by members for consideration in the Nate Azrin Film Festival. If requested, submitters must provide proof of permission for the material in order to avoid copyright infringement. Submitters are responsible for supplying FABA/hotel personnel with the media in an accessible format.  Film Festivals may be reserved for Anniversary conference years only and occur at the discretion of the Chair.
  • IGNITE is a fast-paced, fun, thought provoking, session where presenters share their professional passions about some aspect of behavior analysis in five minutes, using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15-sec. The Ignite motto is: “Enlighten us, but make it quick.” IGNITE presentations will be grouped into 50-min sessions based on similar themes. To learn more about this exciting method of sharing your passion and see great examples of 5-min presentations go to
  • MEETINGS are submitted by the intended Meeting Chair—for the purpose of discussing a common mission or topic of interest.  This is intended for Special Interest Groups, Local Chapter, or other subcommittees of FABA.

Note regarding Ethics and Supervision submissions
from the BACB:
Acceptable Type 2 ethics CE must meet all of the standards identified in addition to covering ethics content. Acceptable ethics content is behavior analytic in nature and covers ethical issues in behavior analysis practice or research. Ethics content should incorporate the BACB’s Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for Behavior Analysts. Sample ethics CE topics might include the (in) appropriateness of implementing non-behavioral therapies, strategies for avoiding/managing dual relationships, creating a culture of ethics in an organization, ethical implications of media and technology, among others. Those not meeting the BACB criteria will be included in other applicable tracks. Acceptable Type 2 supervision CE must meet all of the standards identified in addition to covering supervision content. Acceptable supervision content is behavior-analytic in nature and covers effective supervision as defined in the BACB’s experience standards (in particular, the “Nature of Supervision” section) and the BACB Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline.

By submitting an event, the submitting author affirms and represents that the information and all attachments hereto, are true and accurate, and agrees to deliver the presentation or arrange for it to be presented if the FABA Conference Committee accepts the submission. The submitting author understands that all presenting authors must register for the conference, and that failing to deliver an accepted presentation or arrange for it to be presented may result in rejection of future submissions from this author.

Type of Submission Chair Discussant Number of Presenters Learning Objectives Duration(s)
Workshop No No 1+ 5 3 hours
Paper No No 1+ (1 paper) 3 50 or 80 minutes
Paper Session Yes No 2+ 3 50 or 80 minutes
Symposium Yes Yes 4+ 3 50 or 80 minutes
Panel Yes No 3+ 3 50 minutes
Poster *Entire Session No *Authors 0 Minimum 3 hour session
Film Yes No N/A 0 50 or 80 minutes
Ignite *Entire Session No 1 to 2 0 5 minutes
Meeting Yes No N/A 0 50 minutes



Please contact Emily Dikkens ("Nikki") at for any questions regarding the conference.